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What you can expect to see on this blog

Like most emergency medicine residencies, our weekly didactics utilizes numerous teaching and learning methods to cover a wide range of topics. Every Wednesday from 7:30am to 12:30pm, all EM residents are excused from clinical duties, even from off-service rotations, to come learn from faculty and co-residents. Here are some of the activities that take place during our Wednesday #EMConf:

  • Traditional lectures

  • ECG lectures

  • Flipped classroom discussions

  • Interesting cases

  • Journal club

  • Simulation lab

  • EM:RAP monthly review

  • STEMI conference - in conjunction with cardiologists

  • Life Flight Conference - in conjunction with Life Flight nurses

  • Annual EMS day

  • Intra-departmental changes and notices

  • Morbidity and Mortality*

On our educational blog, we will share learning points from these session.

*For obvious reasons, we will not discuss specifics about M&M cases here; however, we will try to cover important learning points that apply to all EM physicians.

On months when we have five Wednesdays, the entire emergency department (including residents, faculty, nurses, and other staff) participate in team-building events. In the past, we have played softball, gone bowling, tackled ropes courses, and participated in other activities. Be on the lookout for pictures that highlight those special days!

If your residency program does something special during your weekly didactics, share it below!


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