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St. V’s Alumni: Accolades & Adventures

By Robbie Deveny, MD

Over the 45 years since the founding of the emergency medicine residency program, Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center has been blessed with an abundance of character in both the attending and resident rosters. Since 1977, St. V’s has graduated nearly 400 residents, from a wide variety of backgrounds; many of these graduates have gone on to quite remarkable lives, both inside the hospital, and in their communities at large. In the “St. V’s Alumni: Accolades and Adventures” series, we intend to create a space to collect choice stories from our alumni about their post-grad experiences, career trajectories, and notable moments inside and outside of the wild world of emergency medicine.

The alumni of Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center have been mothers, fathers, astronauts, cycling champions, EMS directors, and all-around amazing people. Our grads have successfully seen their embattled ER’s though some of this decade’s most horrendous mass casualty incidents. They have traveled to the International Space Station and back. They have served in the military or been the primary physician for Antarctica expeditions.

Be on the lookout for the posts labeled “St. V’s Alumni: Accolades and Adventures” to read about the amazing stories from our graduates. We look forward to diving into the history of our residency program and learning about the experiences of its alumni.

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