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St. V’s Alumni: Accolades and Adventures - Michael Tang, DO

Dr. Michael Tang, a recent St. V's graduate, was one of the few doctors who cared for those injured in the aftermath of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. Along with his fellow physicians, nurses, techs, police officers, and other emergency department heroes, he helped stabilize and treat the wounds of hundreds of victims, just a few months out of residency. Dr. Tang has already had some interesting experiences after residency and we are thrilled to feature him on St. V’s Alumni: Accolades and Adventures!

When did you graduate from St. Vincent EM residency program?

I graduated in 2017.

What different jobs or positions have you had since leaving St. V's?

I did some moonlighting during residency but I have worked for Team Health in Las Vegas since I graduated.

How did your experience at St. V's affect your outlook on medicine, service, and your journey to where you find yourself today?

All the attendings have contributed to my growth as a physician. I am also grateful that St. V's residency allowed moonlighting; it helped me grow as well.

What do you miss most from residency?

I miss working with residency colleagues. It was fun rushing into traumas and cardiac arrests.

What would you tell the resident version of yourself, if you could talk to them from the future?

I would tell myself to enjoy the times I had with my classmates. And to do better job at keeping the garden alive.

What is something we don’t know about Randy King?

Dr. King is a mysterious man, you will never find out anything about him.

What was your biggest challenge during residency?

Biggest challenge I had in residency was when I had to take classes for foster classes while I had resident duties.

What was your scariest moment during residency?

Scariest thing in residency: Dr. Omori’s disappointed look and disapproval.

What is your favorite restaurant in Toledo?

Mancy's with Dr Russ.



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