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The Life Flight Program started in 1979 when Dr. Frank Foss had the vision of bringing medical care to his patients. Since its initiation, Life Flight has grown exponentially to include 5 helicopters stationed at 4 bases, a mobile stroke unit, and multiple critical care ground transport units. Our program is unique because residents have the opportunity to fly during residency. As a flight physician, residents work closely with a flight nurse and pilot (a three-person team) to bring care to patients in the field.

Life Flight 4 from the Sandusky Airport is designated as a physician/nurse team. This placement is strategic as it is one of the busiest bases and also transports patients from Put-In-Bay and the local islands. Shifts are 24 hours long and residents have access to a private room, kitchen, and living space at the base while on shift. For every flight shift, residents receive 2 shift reductions in the emergency department.  If you choose not to fly you may perform additional ride-alongs with Toledo Fire Department instead. 

To learn more about Life Flight, click here.

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